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By Gavin | August 30, 2019

We're taking a look at AT&T's smart home manager. This is a nifty little networking tool from AT&T. If you have their u-verse internet that allows you to see what devices are connected to your network as well as your network speed.

You can reboot your network

Loaded in here you can see your network down below, and what's nice is you can reboot your network right from here. If you don't know how to work with modems and routers and deal with unplugging all that stuff, you have a nice simple reboot option here. For that good-old did you try turning it off and back on again fixes to the network.

You can also see that I have 12 connected devices, so I can go through here, make sure everything is truly mine, and if there was some weird device on the list I could hunt it down and that see what it is doing there.

I go to the tools list down, below you see you can have a bunch of different, such as this data usage calculator which takes forever, maybe it's because I deal with so much data, but you can go through and see what device is using the most.

To see what device is using the most

I have an idea, if I go to like the 7 days here, this is how much in the past 7 days each device has used the living room, which is pretty much streaming Netflix Hulu HBO, all that stuff on a 24-7 rollover basis, that makes sense also. My Mac Pro constantly uploading different videos to clients and transferring footage from other editors and such.

That makes sense the same with my phone. I'm constantly transferring stuff, the nest device, that's a security camera, obviously that's going this pretty much all makes sense.

The other difference in network speed test

It's cool to see the other difference here too is if I go to the network speed test, I'm going to hit run speed test, and then we'll talk like this, normally when you do like a, either through the app or on the website, what you are testing is the speed in which that specific device is receiving the internet from your router or modem, whatever combo device.

It's going to be significantly less than what this test is going to show, which is your actual connection from your modem to whatever internet device that they hook up outside of your house or in my case apartment complex. This is going to show the true speed.

This test shows that is close to those speeds but not

First, I was like all they're lying to me, because I'm not kidding my full speeds here, because we have fiber thankfully very lucky, and this test always shows that getting pretty close to those speeds, but really you lose so much, because every device can only take so much, even though I have a thousand megabits per second download and upload on my iPhone.

The iPhone can only do so much data. I think it probably maxes around like 3 or 400 megabits per second, anyway in the same thing with computer, unless I'm hard-lined in then I can get pretty close in that 900 estrange up and down, which is awesome, but really I just like having the thousand for the multitude of devices that we have and this SB test takes a little while.

Through the magic of editing you can see the results now, and where I'm able to complete the test at this time lovely, let's try this, I could, because I'm running iOS 13, so it could be a little bug there, let's take a look at the speed test history.

You can see the speed test history at different times

We can see at different times this year, when I've tested again it's gotten pretty close to that full gigabit thousand up thousand down measurements, doing pretty good here, and again you can dive deep into the tools, if you start one to invite guests or lock down your network, maybe if you never changed your default password you can do that all from here.

I'm not going to show that because of course I'm not going to show you my network kind of back-end, but this is as close as you'll get, definitely dive deep. It's free to download again if you have your verse you log right in and you'll see all of your network-related tools.