How to Transfer Billing Responsibility - AT&T Premier

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

You have a company wireless account that now needs to be billed directly to the user, perhaps an employee has a new job or a company phone is no longer necessary or an employee may be leaving the company, you can transfer the billing responsibility, so that employees can keep their phone or device own number and agency service. But the company is no longer responsible for the bill. We'll show you how easy it is to transfer.


How easy it is to transfer

Billing responsibility will start on the premier home page, from me I want to list, scroll down, and select transfer billing responsibility under search for, enter the number you want to transfer billing for, and then click go verify that you entered the correct wireless number, and click continue, confirm the users email address.

To keep their phone number users must confirm the transfer of billing responsibility from an email they receive, so the email address is important, we'll use the calendar to pick the cancellation date. This is the date that the account will be canceled if the user doesn't accept billing responsibility.

Now click continue, read the acknowledgment transfer of billing responsibility section, and check the authorization box, what to expect section lets you know that you'll receive an email confirming, the request will send an email and a text asking the user to accept billing responsibility for this phone number.

You'll get a second email when the user accepts billing responsibility or when the number is canceled, now click Submit, the confirmation page shows that the transferor billing responsibility has been initiated. When the transfer is complete the user can begin managing their account online with my apt, it's staying with the company, the person might be eligible for AT&T discounts offer to employees.

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